Let's help our local businesses affected by COVID-19 with "Eat Local Bingo" - a fun game where you can win prizes by supporting your local restaurants. 

Play & Win!

Spend at least $10 (excluding tax and tip) from each local restaurant listed on your Eat Local Bingo game board between May 8-July 31, 2020. Each sponsored town has a variety of boards to choose from. To win, be one of the first 5 people to complete either a full board or an "X" for a sponsored town and submit your receipts to us.

• $200 VISA gift card to the first 5 people to submit a completed "full" game board for each sponsored town. 

• $50 VISA gift card to the first 5 people to submit a completed "X" game board for each sponsored town. 

For updates on remaining prizes, restaurant lists, and added towns, check back often! You can also follow us on Instagram @NJRealEstateAgent for all updates or sign up for email updates! (We promise not to spam you!)

Example of winning boards:
      Full Board
       "X" Board

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Sponsor a Town!

We'd love for this local community support to spread across central NJ. That's a huge undertaking, and we can't do it alone. But with the help of other sponsors, we can make that happen! To start, we're awarding $5,000 in prizes ($1250 per town) to sponsor Freehold, Manalapan, Marlboro, and Howell.

If there's an additional town you'd like to sponsor, email us at Jay@GarrettTeam.com before May 25th. A minimum donation of $1,250 will be required, and a list of all of the restaurants currently open in that town (many township websites are keeping this information up to date). We'll take it from there by creating all of the game boards, adding it to our website, and promoting it!  This is 100% non profit. Any unclaimed prize money will be used as a donation to be coordinated between us and the sponsor. Any additional towns will launch by May 31st, 2020.

Play & Win  |  Sponsor A Town  |  Rules  |  Game Boards |  Restaurant List  |  Remaining Prizes

Restaurant List

Download the full Restaurant List

Play & Win  |  Sponsor A Town  |  Rules  |  Game Boards |  Restaurant List  |  Remaining Prizes

Game Boards

Choose your town and game board. 
You may choose a town that you do not live in. The "Your Choice" squares do not have to be from the same town as your game board, but must be from one of the restaurants listed in a sponsored town.

Boro Only:       
#1  |  #2 

Freehold Twp & Boro:   
#3  |  #4  |  #5  |  #6  |  #7  
#8  |  #9  |  #10  |  #11  
View all Freehold boards in one pdf

#1  |  #2  |  #3  |  #4 
View all Manalapan boards in one pdf

#1  |  #2  |  #3  |  #4 
View all Marlboro boards in one pdf

#1  |  #2  |  #3  |  #4  |  #5  |  #6
View all Howell boards in one pdf

Play & Win  |  Sponsor A Town  |  Rules  |  Game Boards |  Restaurant List  |  Remaining Prizes

Remaining Prizes

$200 Visa Gift Card
$50 Visa Gift Card
FREEHOLD 5 of 5 5 of 5
MANALAPAN 5 of 5 5 of 5
MARLBORO 5 of 5 5 of 5
HOWELL 5 of 5 5 of 5

Play & Win  |  Sponsor A Town  |  Rules  |  Game Boards |  Restaurant List  |  Remaining Prizes


Download a printable pdf of game rules.

1. Download and print a game card. For each town, there are several different game cards that you may choose from. Each card has restaurants from only the specified town. You may play a card from a town that you do not live in. However, you cannot combine squares from multiple game cards to create a "winning" card. 

2. Order from each restaurant listed on your game card within the contest time frame of Friday, May 8 through Tuesday, July 31, 2020.

3. You must spend a minimum of $10 at each restaurant (excluding tax and tip) for them to count towards a square. You may present two receipts from the same day only four times. All other receipts must be from different days. Each receipt is valid for only one person/game card. In other words, if two people eat from the same receipt, both people cannot submit the same receipt for their own game cards. Please remember to tip appropriately!

4. Put an "X" in the square as you complete each one. Keep all of your restaurant receipts for proof.

5. Earn free squares: You can earn free squares by doing the following (optional):

  • Each time you complete a square, post a picture of your game board and either (a) the receipt or (b) the meal from the restaurant you ordered from to Instagram or Facebook within 24 hours of ordering. 
  • In each post, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @NJRealEstateAgent, tag #EatLocalBingoNJ, and the restaurant (if possible). 
  • If you do this for at least 15 meals while completing a full board, you will earn 2 free squares. If you do this for at least 6 meals while completing an X, you will earn 1 free square.
  • The free square allows you to mark off a square of your choosing as "completed" without actually ordering from that restaurant.

6. "Your Choice" squares: must be from a restaurant listed on this website. It does not have to be from the same town as your game card. You are welcome to enjoy a restaurant in one of the other sponsored towns for the "Your Choice" squares. 

7. Restaurant Updates (Openings & Closings):

  • If you find a restaurant in a sponsored town that is open for delivery and/or curbside pickup that is not listed on our site, please let us know so we can verify it. Once verified and added to our site, you are welcome to use it for a Your Choice square.
  • If you find a restaurant listed on our site that is no longer offering delivery or curbside pickup, please let us know so we can update the site.
  • If a square on your game card is for a restaurant that is no longer open for delivery or curbside pick up, please contact us so we can offer a substitution restaurant for you.
  • As restaurant openings and closings change, we have the right to change the restaurants listed on the cards. If we have enough new openings, we'll create new game boards.
  • For updates on remaining prizes, added towns, and restaurant lists, please check back often, follow @NJRealEstateAgent on Instagram or sign up for email updates

8. Valid receipts: All receipts must include the restaurant's name, restaurant's address, date and time of transaction, and amount paid clearly and legibly displayed. Any receipts that are blury, cut-off, missing information, or the like, will be disqualified. Any questionable receipts that appear to be duplicates, "photoshopped", or untrue will be disqualified by the discretion of the Garrett Team. The Garrett Team reserves the right to validate a receipt with the restaurant.

9. If all prizes are not exhausted by July 31st, contestants will have until August 3rd to submit their completed game card and receipts. (Receipts must still be dated within the contest time frame of May 8-July 31, 2020 to be considered.)

10. Submissions: To submit a completed game card, upload clear, legible pictures of your game card and qualifying receipts to Jay@GarrettTeam.com (there are 3 "T"s in the address). You may include a few receipts in each picture, but they all must be clear and legible (zoom in and check prior to sending). Be sure to upload the picture at full resolution, since compressed images may be too small for us to legibly read. Please save your receipts after submission in case they don't upload/submit properly, or we have any questions.

11. Questions: For any additional questions, please contact us at Jay@GarrettTeam.com.

Play & Win  |  Sponsor A Town  |  Rules  |  Game Boards |  Restaurant List  |  Remaining Prizes